Belber Conscience

It is 2016 and the world is, more than ever, a big Community with a Global Conscience. What happens in one part of the planet resonates in the antipodes in a matter of seconds.

In this increasingly connected-sphere, we feel it is our responsibility to send a message with regard to our social and environmental concerns, about what we stand for as a brand and as individuals.

Belber focuses on product excellence with respect for the environment. We care that you care and we have a responsibility towards you as well. And making a difference starts from within our team.

These are some of the steps we have taken so far:

Quality materials: the raw material and component selection at Belber is based on durability, aesthetics and real quality. Often this means a higher development and manufacturing cost, but eventually it leads to beautiful finished products that are not disposable. They age well and hopefully will be part of your urban journey for as long as you will have them.

The dust bag that protects each product (or the textile wrap inside the small accessories box) is made of bamboo fabric, is totally biodegradable and in the unlikely event that it ends up in a landfill, the material will totally dissolve in 2 to 3 months, going back to Nature.


Packaging - Dust Bag bags copy

We strive for minimum and minimal packaging: yes, we know people love boxing and unboxing and that there seems to be a craze about all those layers and layers of surprise packaging that create a unique experience. However, excessive packaging that is not recycled has become a real problem. At Belber we had the opposite objective: we focus on the product, without sacrificing a beautiful presentation but reducing the amount of waste excessive packaging creates.

Our products (both bags and small leather accessories) are packed at our workshop with the original gift box, which is then carefully packed for shipping (a detailed task!).

Our warehouse space and team are so well organized and neat that the same boxes are used for storage and remain impeccable throughout the full storage time. When you order a Belber product, it will be shipped to you in that same box, plus the protective shipping box or pouch. This means that we avoid changing boxes three times before it reaches you. It also means that extra attention is given to internal processes like packaging design and development, staff training, packing rituals, storing and shipping.

Packaging SLG & booklets & tags copy copy

The authenticity card that is included in each product, as well as the retail price tags and the complimentary luggage tag that comes with our larger items, are all made of paper or cardboard, with a minimum amount of plastic involved (only the small B clasp in our luggage tag).

Our metal parts are the result of almost 2 years of development. Made of stainless steel, they are difficult to damage and scratch so your products will look great for a very long time. We know metal parts are sensitive components that often break and underperform due to poor quality and this is an area where the brand is not willing to compromise.

Please join us in our adventure by spreading the word, using the hashtag #BelberConscience. Because fashion is made to make our days brighter, crazy and more exciting but not at any cost.

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