Mr. & Mrs. Belber

Mr. and Mrs. Belber are the epitome of modern, urban nomads. We meet in New York, the city they consider home.

Accomplished individuals in their own right, they live their lives to the fullest and know how to appreciate every moment. Unassuming and kind, they are genuinely interested in people and are always ready to explore new cultures and places. Their love for travel, they say, keeps them "on their toes" and encourages them to open their minds, always.

Without giving too much away about their physical appearance, they are beautiful as individuals. Put both of them in the same room and all you can think about is how damn lucky they are!

As if this wasn't enough, they both have an innate sense of style, the kind that is so effortless that makes you want to revisit your own wardrobe- stat.

Mrs. Belber is carrying her Penn Station in African blue, I ask her why she picked this particular color:

-"I love all shades of blue, but this particular one reminds me of the beautiful hand made local fabrics I saw on a trip to West Africa a few years ago. I also love how it works with jeans, which I tend to wear quite often. The size is perfect to carry all my essentials, sometimes even my laptop if I think I'll have time to stop for a coffee somewhere and get some work done, it’s been a crazy week!".

Penn Station Feminine

Mr. Belber was running a few minutes late, "I am sorry, delayed meetings and terrible traffic today!" he says with a broad smile few could resist.

He is wearing a sharp suit but no tie: "I was meeting with an old friend about a potential project we are thinking of investing in".

He is carrying the Hamilton briefcase in the brand's emblematic Belber brown, I take notice and ask him about his choice.

- "I never know who I might end up meeting on a day like this. I organize my meetings on the go- I make the most of my time when I am in the city. This briefcase is the best option whether I am in a casual or more formal situation. I actually have it in a couple of colors. As you can see, I have been carrying this number around everywhere and I get a lot of double takes, so what's not to like?".

Wall St. Blue 2 copy

As I admire the workmanship, there is a subtle weathered aspect to the briefcase, a sign of good use more than anything else.

And suddenly it hits me: Timelessness is the best ally of great style.

- To be continued -

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