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Night Bicycle Ride



Today, the way we travel has changed. A tap of our fingers can take us everywhere, from city to city or place to place. We Uber and AirBnb, then Instagram it for all the world to share.

In short, travel isn't about the destination anymore. It's not even about the journey. It's about the connection.

And we're all very connected. Nowadays we share experiences with others all over the world in a second. Making friends, keeping in touch, visiting new places, can all happen in an instant.

The world is a small place and now it's easier than ever for us to move from one place to another, be it country or cafe. This urban nomadism as call it, it what Belber is all about. We're creating bags and accessories to take you across the street, or across the world. Beautifully-crafted and functional, Belber pieces are designed for our modern, mobile lifestyle. And they're making the journey a snap-worthy one, wherever you are today, wherever you're going tomorrow.


Belber of Philadelphia was a brand that traveled across the globe in the hands of America's most intrepid travelers. Today, its spirit of adventure lives on with Belber, now a truly global brand that harnesses the expertise of artisans from all over.

Globalization doesn't mean standardization, instead it opens us up to the world of international talents with so much to offer. Belber today still embodies this spirit of adventure, with products made of the best quality materials by the best in the business, while offering the most accessible prices in the luxury category today.


Handcrafted at our workshop

craftmanship 1.jpg
Craftmanship 2.jpg

Handcrafted at our workshop, Belber products are created through expert craftsmanship, precision and ultimate attention to detail in the finishing touches: selection of the highest quality full grain leather, use of the traditional saddle making techniques, flawless impeccable stitching.

Our products are made by expert leather craftsmen whose attention to detail and flair truly brings the bags to life.

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