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A resolutely unisex leather brand from the origin.

From the start, 125 years ago, Aaron and Henry Belber created products for women and men alike. As early as the 20’s, the Belber team included women in the creation of patents and innovations. Function was always at the heart of the brand and Belber wanted to offer the same functional features to women and men alike.

125 years later, we pursue the Belber legacy with a single collection for today’s women and men looking for the perfect combination of function and style.

This season, our voice is in New York while our heritage remains in Philadelphia. Belber translates that strong statement into a first collection of bags and small accessories that fits the dynamic and connected pace of the City.

Inspired in the journals of the Mr. and Ms. Belber of today, their hangouts and favourite corners, this is not the last you will see of this fascinating duo whose life is a box full of surprises. Stay tuned for more about "A New York Diary"...


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