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Making sure that our products have their own identity is at the top of our list. Identity without gender differentiation as every day we see women and men go about their daily life in similar ways, at least when it comes to carrying their daily essentials. So we leave it up to you to choose. All our products are unisex.

Wherever you go, your Belber will be easy to recognise through the fun and practical details that create its character while remaining subtle and casually elegant.

Models like Tribeca, Hamilton or Arch have signature corner pieces that are inspired in the vintage luggage from the 40s and provide extra protection and resistance. This same line of products also have tubular reinforced handles inspired by Belber's archive pieces. Their stitching and construction speak for themselves.

Our products smile. The Belber Smiley is usually featured as an outside front pocket for your keys or mobile phone, with contrasted edge paint and interiors. Sometimes it appears as a surprise detail in one of the compartments of our wallets and small leather accessories. Because life is already too serious..

The metal parts in this collection are made of stainless steel and clearly branded. "B" rivets and screws have hexagonal shapes inspired by the industrial components and tools of the early 1900s. This hexagon is clearly or subtly present across the whole collection: zipper puller and shoulder strap ends, handle tips, logo patch corners...


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