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Since 1891, Belber has focused on finding the right balance of function and style, regardless of gender distinction. While it is obvious that some types of bags or travel goods can cover the needs of a female customer better than a male one (vanity cases, special dress hangers, large hat cases…), Belber always designed with both women and men in mind, because everyone needs intelligent products and beautiful, well organized interiors to make the daily journey just a little easier.

More than 100 years ago, even before women finally gained the right to vote in the United States (1920), Belber made sure they were actively involved in most areas of the business, including design and product development, as proven by patents signed by Minnie, Henry Belber’s wife, in 1914 (below image). The doctor bag, the ultimate unisex bag, was Belber’s speciality, with 60 different versions in their range in the 1910s and 20s.

In today’s Belber, Unisex does not mean Women carrying men’s bags or Men carrying women’s bags to make a statement. We have proven that the same shape and function can suit everyone. The difference is in the individual interpretation, taste, lifestyle, color choice and defintely, personality. No limits...

With men and women taking on the same roles in professional life, it is easy to assume they would need similar accessories to carry their daily essentials. Everyone asks us the same questions: can we fit a 13” laptop? does this bag have space for my tablet? can I put my fitness clothes inside? is this bag cabin size? The answer is yes, to everyone. The contents of your bag, wallet our pouch are up to you but our goal is to find a shape and size that can work for almost everyone, proposing beautiful, unusual color combinations to make the choice fun and varied and suit different moods, occasions and climates.

We also celebrate those who like to challenge the established dress codes: that a professional woman has to wear a skirt and heels, when she possibly feels more comfortable in jeans and a great sweater. Or that a man has to dress up in suits or tailored jackets to present a credible image when he can rock the boardoom in a great piece of knitwear. Those days are over, we know that, but we also know that nothing upgrades a look and screams confidence like an amazing accessory.

It is also time for slower fashion consumption habits and a little continuity, for investing in pieces that are built to last, that we can easily put away for a couple of seasons and later, bring back in full force, looking better than ever. In an increasingly sharing economy, why not try to share your bag with your significant other, your parents, friends or the next generation? And a special thought to those incredibly supportive other halves who like to carry their partner’s bag, we make your life much easier!


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