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In a world where everything is so fast paced, I realize it is a rather unfamiliar and underrated concept today. Everyone seems to be constantly looking for the next big thing, the latest this, the latest that…

As these thoughts are going through my head, Mrs. Belber seems to notice I am onto something and simply asks - “Is everything ok?”. Her tone is kind and engaging, I instantly know she is genuinely interested in what I have to say.

“Oh yes, everything is great. I was just reflecting on the idea of timeless style”.

Mrs. Belber’s eyes light up. “Let’s get some drinks”, she says. We decide that 4pm is a little too early for cocktails, so we stick to green tea and coffee for now.

“Back to your point”, says Mrs. Belber, “timelessness is definitely something that is very present in our style choices. My husband and I love beautiful things. We're interested in Style with a capital “S", you know, the kind that will still look great in 20 years from now and beyond”.

Mr. Belber jumps in: “We try not to mindlessly buy stuff for the sake of it or keep up with trends that disappear the following week. We love hunting for amazing things but at the same time we try to be responsible with our buying habits, you know?”.

Mrs. Belber then adds: “What we choose to wear or buy certainly has an impact in our lives and our planet somehow,, everyone should be aware and mindful about their choices”.

Mr. and Mrs. Belber. fire each other up in a way that suggests that they have had numerous conversations on issues close to their hearts, as if I needed another reason to like them any more.

I notice that we are diverting towards more “serious” topics whereas the purpose of the interview was to understand their lifestyle. The first few minutes of our conversation were spontaneous and a little accidental, one of the great ways to get insights on people… Their take on life is refreshing and infectious and there are so many quirks to their personalities so I want to know more about how they became the people that they are today, starting with what being an Urban Nomad really means.

- To be continued -


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