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How will this Belber travel wallet rock your Travelista world?

As a frequent traveler, it is not uncommon to come up our own intuitive solutions to make the travel experience safe and efficient.

Most of the time, key travel essentials end up separated into different containers as the list of “must haves” gets longer and longer in the midst of our busy lives and needs.

Personal documents and boarding passes are usually best kept together for practical reasons, so you might own a passport holder for this purpose.

Depending on the length of the journey and countries visited, you might choose to keep different currencies, both coins and notes, in multiple pouches or wallets.

Credit cards might also be carried in a regular wallet, but frequent traveler cards and hotel loyalty cards usually need to be presented at check-in, together with your passport.

And what about a pen or stylus, usually lost at the bottom of the bag, tucked away when notes need to be taken mid-flight? Or that other SIM card you need to insert into your phone before landing?

Juggling too many containers while traveling can be frustrating and even stressful. You know, that panic that hits when suddenly one loses track of where the phone, boarding pass or passport went: “Did I put it in my coat’s pocket? Or was it in my computer case?”

It’s easy to see why navigating through the different stages and logistics of a journey can be a challenge.

So… is it possible to keep all those essential travel items in just one (stylish) container or document holder? The answer is yes… and Belber created the perfect solution!

Not only can this compact travel wallet comfortably house all of your essential documents and more but it can also accommodate precious extras such as a smartphone or a set of keys.

This travel wallet can also double up as a practical clutch for day or night - add in your lipstick/ compact and you’re good to go!

Durability and style are no doubt a must for any savvy travelista and Belber standards for quality and craftsmanship do not disappoint.

With a wide range of stunning colors to choose from, this travel wallet makes for the perfect gift too: Father’s day is just around the corner!

Traveling in style with a touch of understated luxury has never looked better.


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